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Every dollar counts at Champions Committed to KIDS.  All too often we feel like what we are able to give is insignificant, and that’s just not the case! No amount is too small and every dollar can make a difference!

$10 – Gas for a family to be able to get their child to their first home game where they are introduced at center court!
$25 – Food for a family of 4 at a game!
$50 – T-shirts for a family of 5 so everyone can sport the team’s colors and feel a part of the action!
$75 – All the extras, Christmas gifts, tickets to other sporting events, etc. that we can provide each of our kids!
$100 – Concession food for a family for both full seasons the child is with a team, so each game is a treat for everyone in the family!
$200 – Gas for two whole seasons with a team, to get them to practices and games and outings with the team!
$300 – Everything a child needs for one full season with a team including food, gas and half of their t-shirts!
$400 – Gas and food for a family of 4 for one whole season!
$600 – You can completely sponsor a child for just $600! That includes, t-shirts, food, gas, and all the extra goodies we can get together including tickets to other sporting events for a whole seasons with a team.

To donate through PayPal, click the linked image above.  Or, call us for other donation options such as monthly deductions, annual gifts and more!